Lockdown Beauty! – Bombshell Retro

Lockdown Beauty!

How is everybody coping with the lockdown? Has every day been fresh baked cookies and home made lemonade?

Here at Bombshell retro it has got us to thinking... Has the lockdown encouraged us not to only adopt a vintage sense of fashion but also a more retro way of life?

Kids are starting to appreciate and crave fresh air... suddenly a well needed ride on a bicycle is looking more tempting than the Playstation.. We are all suddenly master bakers.. Home cooking and recipe searches are ranking the top on google.

Are we placing more value on family time?

Does this cloud carry the silver lining of old fashioned values and appreciation?

We will be thinking about it tonight when we pop on our Swing style 1950s dress and shimmy our way into the kitchen... not because we are going anywhere... because we want to! XXXX

Dress pictured @bombshellretro





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