Cute Retro Xmas Wall sticker

Cute Retro Xmas Wall sticker

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Gorgeously cute Retro Xmas wall sticker

Make your living area stand out this holiday season!

Product parameters:

1. Material: environmentally friendly PVC

2. Scope: bed, bedroom, kitchen, living room, restaurant, cafe, dormitory, etc.

3. Style: Vintage and Classic Function: deodorization, mildew proof, antifouling, green decoration, waterproof, high color fastness. Self-adhesive wallpaper is easy to paste and can be disassembled and reused. Size: approx. 90x 80cm Instructions for use:

1. Attach it to the surface of the glasses or tiles, first dry the surface with a clean cloth, and then paste.

2. If the wall is damped, aged or just painted, the wall sticker may fall off automatically after pasting. Therefore, you can use a blower to dry the wall with hot air or after the paint has evaporated for a while. Please carefully select the paste location.

3. If you paste the sticker in the wrong position on the wall, you can gently lift the side of the sticker and tear it off with a small , if you re-stick it.